This Album was once release as Industry take over under Twelve Rounds of Music for 1 month. After being drop from Twelve Rounds of Music he then decided to re-release the album with 5 more songs under Dark Knoize Ent. as The Official Industry Take Over.

1   IntroSkit
2   Early this morning
3   Long awaiting
4   We Hare feat. Prada Mike, K. Stack & The Av
5   Dis is da jam feat. E-Vocalz, Genese & Prada Mike
6   Tough act to follow
7   Don't get jerk
8   Leave it at that
9   Skit
10  Make em dance
11  From the top
12  R U ballin or what feat. K. Stackz & Prada Mike
13  Heavy spitters feat. F.L. & The Av
14  Jewels
15  More sounds
16  Skit
17  Nyce team feat. Sycle
18  I don't think U wanna C me
19 She luv me She got me
20  I got ya feat. D-Nyce & K. Stacks
21  Something's being said
22  The outro (The way it is)
23  Outro Skit

The official Industry Take Over