Hailing from Queens, N.Y, Tre' (Tyrelle Scott) has been involved with music since the early 90's. Joining forces with P.M.C. (Playas Makin Cream) Ent. There he enjoyed his musical success until the group separated in 2003. Tre' then took his style and started focused on the party audience of the game. With his new unique party style of music he landed at Spit Fire Ent., in the year of 2004. At Spit Fire his skills were used to a minimum after his projects was being pushed back forcing him to take his skills to another level and then join forces with Twelve Rounds where you can hear him making songs after songs on a consistent basis.Tre'Barz Has Done Collabs With Sycle, F.L(Fast Lyfe). E.Vocals and others. You can catch him promoting his new mixtape "Industry Takeover"(Free Downloads at www.tweetmysong.com) or performing his versatile lyrics at showcases. The name Tre' speaks for itself it’s his first, middle and last letters in his name. As For 2010, Tre'Barz has performed at The Blue Villa Lounge in the Bronx, NY , Club Azur In Bridgeport, Conn , And Has Upcoming Performances in New York City. Tre'Barz MixTape "The InDusTry TakeOver" Is Out And Available With Free Downloads At Tweet My Song - http://tweetmysong.com/6h4t87 - Check Tre'Barz Out On UK's own REPDAT and PLATINUM TEARS Mixtape " Lyricists Only Need Apply"